8 Social Media Rules Kids Should Follow

The internet is rapidly growing, it seriously affects many people’s lives. Accessing it is not that complicated one click away and you are in (gadgets like smart phones, tablets, ipads, laptops, desktop computers and the likes). Without the internet life is so boring for the many users, they cannot live without it. It is the fact that internet is an information gateway, a paradise of information for the humanity to have.
There are pros and cons with the access on internet and social media, it can get out control. Kids today are knowledgeable to access such information which is good but there are also contents that might contain explicit, abusive, and anything that is not for their viewing at their age. Parents should take charge to protect their children from dangers by making rules in accessing the internet.
Afterschool.ae – the leading resources of after school activities in UAE made an infographic that helps you got an upper hand in making the social media rules that your kids should follow:
8 Social Media Rules Kids Should Follow

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