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6 Effects of Parental Depression on Kids


Depression is a mental health problem that may have a detrimental effect on your children and could have negative effects on their development and lifestyles. According to experts, children of depressed parents may have the following issues: Caretaker Burden Children frequently take on obligations that they struggle with as a parent, because they want to help when they see a …

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What Are the Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids?

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

There are multiple benefits adults and children gain by practising martial arts. Aside from being a great way to stay in shape, gain strength and learn powerful skills, it is also great for enforcing discipline, helping with goal setting and building confidence. Learning a martial art as a child is even more beneficial and can significantly help them along in …

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How to Make a Nature Scrapbook With Your Kids

Scrapbooking has been an activity that’s captivated generations of children. What better time to get arts and crafty with your kids than during lockdown? Whilst the world moves slightly slower than normal, it’s the perfect time to keep your child entertained and educated about the great outdoors by creating a nature scrapbook. Trunki wants every family to get out their …

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Kids and Technology Survey

The last 8 years have brought forward a new Australia. One that is not only more open and culturally forward, but also an evolving nation with progressive societal values and perceptions. Especially, in terms of family values. Australia has progressed beyond the traditionally accepted family values. As the recent Australian family values survey suggests, Australia is now rather slowly scrapping …

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10 Shocking Statistics About Online Dangers for Kids

This infographic details findings from a number of recent studies about dangers on the internet – most particularly for children. Our kids today face things we never even imagined in previous generations. Cyber bullying, pornography, hate speech and other inappropriate content, sexual predators, privacy leaks and computer viruses. It’s all pouring right into our homes via computers and other online …

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Teachers 5 Top Tips to Get Kids Outdoors

As many teachers know, much of their time is spent planning lessons and trying their hardest to keep kids engaged, while most importantly, learning. However, finding new, fresh and exciting ideas to keep pupils involved during lessons can be a challenge for teachers… For this reason, and many more, Nomow have put together a few top tips for teachers to …

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How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids?

Prevention is better than treatment; the sagacious quotes suits into today’s current scenario where teens are highly addicted to social media apps. Not only are they damaging their lives but destroying the rest and peace of their parents as well by putting them into serious concerns. If a social media website or application is kept to its original use of …

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Kids and Computer Science

This graphic published by Southern Methodist University’s online data science program illustrates computer science and coding education for k-12 students in the US and around the world. The piece showcases some of the teaching challenges for the US, touches on the gender gap in the fields, job prospects, and cognitive benefits of coding education. Finally, the piece addresses how to …

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