Seven Facts About Water Heaters – How Safe is Yours?

We all love a feeling of hot shower on a cold morning. Find out how your home water heater may be dangerous and how to play it safe. Regular tank water heaters do require your attention and periodic maintenance that needs to be performed.

Learn what steps to take to flush your water heater to extend its life and potentially save lots of money on your energy bill. Over time water heaters also sediment buildup that can cause your water heater unit to lose efficiency.

But, no reason to worry, there are eight simple steps that you can take to make sure your water heater is flushed and ready to be used again with grater efficiency on producing hot water for your everyday needs.


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  1. I had no idea that a water heater needed to be drained twice a year and so that is very interesting to me. I honestly can’t remember whether or not I have drained mine within the two years that I have lived in my house and so I might want to get that done. However, how do I properly drain a water heater?

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