Aged Care Workforce

Golden Carers have published an infographic highlighting some interesting information relating to the direct care workforce from the National Aged Care Workforce Census & Survey.

This is relevant because of the staggering rate at which the aged sector is growing:
– The total aged care workforce was around 262,000 in 2007.
– By 2012, it had reached in excess of 352,000.
– This number is expected to increase to more than 827,000 by 2050 (315% over 35 years)
– This will account for about 4.9 per cent of all employees in Australia.
Some interesting findings include:
– The workforce has increased by over 25% since 2003
– 90% of the workforce is female
– The majority of the workforce is employed on a part-time basis
– Job satisfaction for pay is low
Aged Care Workforce

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