Average Cost of College Textbooks 2022

The college textbook price is something every student is worried about and disappointed with. This unfairly high cost represents significant spending along with academic tuition and housing. Nowadays, average students can hardly afford new textbooks that hit their pockets powerfully, costing a few hundred dollars.

BookScouter.com has decided to take a deeper insight into the textbook industry in general, and the impact of textbook costs on students’ lives in particular. In addition, BookScouter has disclosed some great ways to get the requisite textbooks without paying through the nose.

To get the message across in the right and simple way, BookScouter has compiled an easy-to-understand infographic based on the most relevant data encompassing educational organizations and student initiatives reports and official statistics from credible sources.

There you can find answers to the most disturbing questions about what students pay for when buying a textbook worth $100, how to get cheaper college textbooks, and some other issues, including the reasons for the high textbook costs and their constant price increase.

Average Cost of College Textbooks

Infographic Source: https://bookscouter.com/blog/average-cost-of-college-textbooks/

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