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Five Connected Fitness Market Trends That Will Completely Take Over 2022

Fitness Market Trends 2022

Every element of our daily life has changed as a result of the COVID epidemic. With several limitations and a new norm, individuals had to adapt to a new “”remote-first”” way of life and find new methods to do common chores. People who wanted to maintain their health and fitness under the pandemic limitations switched from traditional gyms to virtual …

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Average Cost of College Textbooks 2022

Average Cost of College Textbooks

The college textbook price is something every student is worried about and disappointed with. This unfairly high cost represents significant spending along with academic tuition and housing. Nowadays, average students can hardly afford new textbooks that hit their pockets powerfully, costing a few hundred dollars. BookScouter.com has decided to take a deeper insight into the textbook industry in general, and …

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What are the top eCommerce trends and statistics for 2022?

eCommerce trends and statistics for 2022

As the pandemic continues, more and more people are turning to eCommerce as their go-to source for shopping. According to the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, eCommerce business contributed 3.4% or PHP 599 billion to the country’s GDP in 2020 alone, with major countries like the United States and Japan generating trillions of dollars through the medium. Experts predict …

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Getting Started in 2022 with SEO for Beginners


The idea of doing search engine optimization (SEO) can feel overwhelming for beginners. After all, you’re inundated with so many techniques and tools that it sounds and looks complicated. If you need guidance, work with an expert digital marketing agency specializing in this field. But it also helps to understand SEO better, so that you make smarter marketing decisions and …

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10 Tax Facts and Statistics Every Taxpayer Should Know in Tax Year 2022

Tax Facts and Stats

Dealing with taxes is something almost everyone dreads doing. We’ve been taxpayers for a long time, but there are still things one might miss if they do not inform themselves. These scenarios are unfortunate but understandable. Taxes can be confusing. Crunching the numbers while keeping your documents organized is time-consuming. Keeping receipts can be a hassle. Aside from understanding the …

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5 Tips to Help Increase Healthcare Patient Assistance in 2022


If you are involved in the medical field, you probably consider your patients to be the most important part of your business and work. It is probably important to you to assist and care for patients as well as possible. You might feel as if you and your staff members do a pretty good job of providing patients with proper …

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How To Build An Enterprise Software In 2022


We have seen that the market is moving fast toward the adoption of Cloud-based software solutions. We are seeing hardware manufacturers also taking advantage of this change with hardware/software integrated solutions to achieve a seamless user experience. We also see that enterprises and businesses are also looking for offshore and off-the-shelf costing solutions that allow any business to be creative, …

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7 Interesting Logistics Industry Outlook for 2022

As the new year unfolds, many are looking into the new opportunities that usually come with it. For the logistics management sector, there are emerging trends that are bound to create an impact in the shipping, transportation, warehousing, and other sectors of the logistics industry. Even though challenges remain and the pandemic continues to pose challenges that you cannot disregard, …

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How to Find Blog Topics that Improve SEO in 2022?

Whenever you do content advertising, you want the best blog points to develop your site’s SEO further. Yet, would you say you are experiencing difficulty sorting out what questions your interest group is inquiring? Might it be said that you are shocked that your blog articles aren’t drawing in new rush hour gridlock to change over into clients? Whenever we …

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Ecommerce Update: Technology and Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Individuals and businesses alike have been forced to go online to keep up with their day-to-day work since the global outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. At the start of the pandemic in the Philippines, 72 percent of enterprises switched to operating remotely. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Filipinos had to learn how to shop online in order to deal with the …

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