Useful Questions To Ask Before Buying A Luxury Watch Form A Store

When you want to buy a luxury watch from any online store or a physical store you have to know a few facts and answer a few questions as well. While condition and desirability is the king and the most significant factors that will influence you final choice of the piece, the prominence, innovative design, and aesthetic appeal are few other factors that cannot and should not be overlooked.

Luxury watches sell well and at a high price as well both on the primary as well as the secondhand markets. Knowing the worth of these watches is another complicated aspect that you should consider as well while buying a piece to add to your collection of luxury wristwatches.

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The price as well as the choice of your watch will depend on the answers to these following questions:

  • Which model you want to buy
  • What is the condition of the watch
  • Whether it has all genuine parts
  • What is the demand of it in the market and
  • Who is the manufacturer and how is their service history.

Once you know these answers you should now focus first on choosing the best platforms online to buy your luxury watch. Some of the most reliable platforms are:

  • Craigslist: This is easiest way to buy a luxury watch online as it is local and you can even visit the store in person.However, you must be wary of the value you get as it may be low due to geographic restrictions.
  • Ebay: This is one of the most popular platforms to buy luxury watches safely. You will get a wide and extensive range to choose from at a reasonable price. It has a high seller ranking as well.
  • Forums: Buying from forums make a better sense than any other online platforms. It is easy and safe but you will need to have a great ranking and history on the forum to get a better deal.

No matter which platform you choose, make sure that you do proper research to take out the chances of falling into the possible pitfalls. Do not go for cheap options as that may be costly in the end.

Questions to ask

If you follow a definitive guide you will buy the right piece more effectively. If you happen to meet with a salesperson and communicate then make sure you ask these following questions. Remember, wristwatch salespeople usually have a spotty track record and are highly performance oriented. That means a major part of their salary will come from the commission on the sales they make. Therefore, expect to be pestered and pursued but do not give in to their professional push-sale tactics.

Right at the outset, avoid salespersons that are inappropriately high-handed and snobby or are too ignorant about the watches on sale in a chronostore. Next, make sure that you have enough time in hand to spend in making your choice and not rush into any decision. Here is what you can ask:

  • When the time the watch first came out should be your first question. This may sound pretty simple but it is not so. The answer to this question will test the knowledge of the salesperson. When you know the time the particular watch was released it will also help you to have a fair idea about the price range of it as well. This is because the newest watches will tend to command a higher price if not the highest price due to its continual upgrade with improved models and newer features.
  • Next up, ask about the type of movement inside the particular watch you chose. Even if you do not care much about the answer this is ideally a pivotal question that you should ask to test the status of the sales personas a watch expert. There are number of ways in which this question can be answered but in the end you should look for the actual name of the movement. You will often find that the salesperson will answer “quartz” or “automatic,” but you should not settle for it. Push them for the name of the movement along with more details such as who produced it and others. It is okay if they access reference information as it is unfair to expect them to memorize all the details of every watch they sell.
  • Are there any feasible alternatives should feature next in your list of questions. Ideally, most luxury watches will fall into some type of genre or category which means there are bound to be a few alternatives at the same price. It is however extremely rare of a luxury watch not to have any type of competition. Just like most of the consumers, ask about these alternatives especially when you are going to invest in such a big ticket item.
  • If there is any competition which is certain to exist, ask the watch retailer or salesperson about the competition and its type, and what are the brands of watches that they will recommend to you at the same price so that you can have the similar wearing experience. Also ask for the reason and justification for their recommendation. Of course, you do not have to stick to such recommendation and you can surely ask for other recommendations if you want to step up or step down in price.
  • Ask about the cost of servicing the watch though the watches of today are better designed and manufactured to perform well without frequent failures. However, watches are still machines after all and will need real service at times. Depending on the model that you choose these repair and servicing needs will vary and so will the cost. Even if it for cleaning and oiling your luxury watch, visits to the watch maker with it can be really pricey.

Make sure that the retailer knows the answer when you ask how does the watch work as this is the basic thing that the salesperson must know. Buy your watch only after a complete and thorough explanation of all these questions.

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