Biggest Global Cybersecurity Trends in 2018

As the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and mobile technologies become more widespread in the business industry, cyber-attacks targeted towards the business sector also increases accordingly. This is especially true in the small business sector as recent studies shown that they have become the biggest victims when it came to cyberattacks last year.
Not only do they suffer more malware infections, the frequency of hacking attacks against them has significantly amplified as well. This is according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 the State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium-Sized Business report, wherein it was revealed that 61% of small businesses had suffered a cyber-attack in 2017 – a 6-point percentage increase from 55% in 2016.
One important step to reduce the exposure to cyber threats is for business owners to be aware of the latest developments and shifts taking place in the industry. Doing so in order will help you determine if you have the same systems and policies that other businesses in the industry have in place. To learn the latest updates and trends in the cybersecurity industry in 2018, check out this infographic from TeleMessage.
Biggest Global Cybersecurity Trends in 2018
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