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How to and How Not to Break in Your Softball Glove

Whenever you get a new softball glove, the first thing you always ask is, “ok, now how do I break this in?” It’s understandable that you would want to speed up the process because the leather is very stiff and not very pliable. But there are a lot of strange — and potentially harmful — ways that people try to break in gloves. Most harm to gloves comes from trying to be lazy and exposing the glove to high heat or strange foreign materials. Many of these methods amount to “old wives’ tales” in baseball.

For example, do not try putting your glove in the microwave or oven! Your glove is an investment and it should be treated like one. While playing a lot of catch is the best way to break in a glove, check out this infographic from Softball Ace to see more recommended ways to break in your glove.

Break in Your Softball Glove

Infographic Source: http://softballace.com/breaking-in-a-softball-glove/

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