All You Need to Know When Buying a Walking Shoe

Walking is one of the natural body movements that will help your body stay healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease. This infographic illustrates the steps to take when you choose the best walking shoes for you. The infographic elaborates on motion control, cushioning, stability, height, style, flexibility, sole, fit, material, weight, and heel-to-toe drop. Get the proper fit as you walk around in shoes before purchase.
Take the removable to wash or replace. Too high or low heel-to-toe drop will not support arch. Read how to tie your laces properly in four steps. Tie your laces making sure that they are not touching the floor on either side. Next, the infographic provides tips to keep your walking shoes smelling fresh including usage of lemon peels, baking soda and even a freezer. Stuff a sweaty shoe with crumpled paper while airing them to absorb the damp. Pick the right pair of walking shoes and keep walking.
Buying a Walking Shoe
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