Carnival Fun Facts

We of Maskworld are a costume shop and we love what we do. That is why we have made a Fun Fact infographic about Carnival to share our passion about Carnival and costumes.

What will you find on our infographic?

Six funny and informative facts about the carnival in Germany. For example, when is the earliest calculation date for Carnival Monday and in what year did this repeatedly. Or that about 300 tons of sweets are thrown on Shrove Monday on the streets. Which is the favorite costume of women, and which of the men. Also you will learn something about what terms there is the word for donuts. Or did you know for example that the Büttenrede in Germany is not art.

And so crazy as that sounds, but for the word Carnival we have more than 8 regional terms. And did you know that almost 60% of our adult-selling Star Wars costumes belong to the dark side of power.

Simply crazy.

All these questions are answered by our infographic about Carnival.

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Carnival Fun Facts
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