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Giant Panda Fun Facts


This infographic aims to explore different fun facts of the super cute giant panda. It illustrates 5 fun facts that most people who love pandas will find interesting – for example, their eating habits and symbolism in ancient China. We handpicked these 5 fun facts from tons of panda bear facts on our website because we’re pretty sure that you …

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Rembrandt fun facts

This Infograpic is about Rembrandt and tells you some fun facts about the greatest painter of the Netherlands. Rembrandt is a painter famous for his scenes and especially his usage of light. His paintings are considered one of the most expensive in the world and almost never reach a public auction anymore. He had a lot of money in his …

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Carnival Fun Facts

We of Maskworld are a costume shop and we love what we do. That is why we have made a Fun Fact infographic about Carnival to share our passion about Carnival and costumes. What will you find on our infographic? Six funny and informative facts about the carnival in Germany. For example, when is the earliest calculation date for Carnival …

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Thanksgiving Guide – Fun Facts, Money Saving Tips, Myths & History

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving feast spanned three whole days? Today, we cram those three days of eating into single one. Despite the challenges they faced after uprooting their lives and starting over in the New World, the pilgrims paused to express their gratitude for the things they had. Rather than mourning the things they lost or pining …

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