Corona Response and Mobile Archiving Best Practices for Working from Home

The spread of COVID-19 led to a worldwide pandemic that changed almost every aspect of modern living. In order to halt the rising number of the infected, many countries implemented strict quarantine rules that gravely affected the global economy. Limiting social interactions forced a lot of companies to close, and those that are fortunate enough to carry on with their daily operations are required to make significant adjustments. One of these is the implementation of a work from home policy.
Working from home is by far the most efficient solution amidst this crisis, as the internet can be used as an alternative platform to physical communication. However, there are specific issues associated with this kind of setup. Companies that are compliant with policies regarding mobile archiving and data security might find some challenges and obstacles that can cause then more trouble in the future, as their employees continue to work remotely at home. The infographic below created and designed by Telemessage can give you some helpful information about practicing a work-from-home set up in response to the pandemic and the use of mobile archiving.
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