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London vs Paris Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week finished and with Paris Fashion Week opening today STYLIGHT have visually compared and contrasted the differences between the big smoke and the city of love. Paris has espressos while London is all about the green juice, the francophiles are trusty to their Louboutins whilst Londoners rock Adidas. Historically French fashion has been more refined, elegant and …

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Paris vs NY Fashion Week

Comparisons are always made between the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. Our Editor in Chief, Kerstin Weng, has attended both events on several occasions and points out the true and funny differences one would find if traveling to the events themselves. From transportation to drinks – learn what to expect if you are visiting or plan on visiting Paris …

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Seeing through the Vapor, E-Cigarettes

What are e-cigarettes? They are battery-operated, vapor-filled devices that users can “puff on”, much like traditional cigarettes. These contraptions literally deliver flavors and various chemicals to users. E-cigarettes contain an inhalable aerosol (vapor) which contains the highly dangerous and addictive chemical, nicotine.What is vaping? That’s the actual act of “puffing on”, “hitting” or inhaling e-cigarette vapors. Users like the illusion …

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Victoria’s Secret

Some amazing facts about Victoria’s Secret 2014 compare to itself in 2013. Index to compare are including: Number of model Cost operation Total Countries the show were broadcast Number of wings Victoria’s Secret Sale Revenue Most expensive Bra of the show Cost per ticket Below are content of infographic in Vietnamese languages. Vé tham dự Victoria’s Secret Để tham dự …

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Ultimate list of 10 roommates to avoid

When you move in with new roommates, you are often hesitant to ask them personal questions. With time you slowly start learning about their habits, their way of living, their comfort zone. But, sometimes it happens that when you learn these things, you end up not liking them. From lending money to not respecting the privacy, from untidiness to irresponsibility, …

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Painful piercings

Piercings are becoming more and more popular in today’s society and it is not uncommon to see them almost anywhere you go. Emma often writes about the growing trend of piercings and how they fit into society. She also likes to write about tattoos which like piercings are continuing to grow in status, the importance of tattoo and piercing aftercare …

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