How to get your children excited about learning English

It might not always be easy to get your children excited about #learningEnglish but you’ll have more success if you appeal to their sense of fun and adventure.
Yes, job success is one of the major reasons to learn another language but have you ever met an eight-year-old who’s thinking seriously about their career?
Instead, show them the immediate benefits to becoming bilingual, such as being able to enjoy the latest English language films, TV shows, and books weeks- or even months- before they’re translated or dubbed into French. There’s nothing cooler than being the first of your peers to discover something.
For older children, show them how learning English can make their holidays more enjoyable. There are dozens of countries around the globe where English is an official language (and even more where it is still widely spoken) that it effectively serves as a gateway to the big, wide world.
Image by Daily English, a company that organizes and oversees English #immersionholidaysfor French children in France.
children excited about learning English

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