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How to get your children excited about learning English

It might not always be easy to get your children excited about #learningEnglish but you’ll have more success if you appeal to their sense of fun and adventure. Yes, job success is one of the major reasons to learn another language but have you ever met an eight-year-old who’s thinking seriously about their career? Instead, show them the immediate benefits …

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English lessons by skype

The infographics we share with you represents the online educational platform Preply.  Preply is a new startup. It’s a vast online educational marketplace which connects tutors and students. We help people earn money and improve their skills. Every person can find the tutor on any subject and within the short time frames. In this infographic  you will quickly find English …

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Fascinating Facts About English Literature Major

Is your major English Literature and you don’t know where to start your career? We can help you. You will find useful hints about your potential professions and where to start your career. You can start working in any of the following: written communication, critical thinking, research, understanding different points of view, making and presenting an argument, creativity. Here are …

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