Color Psychology for Interior Design

Paint colors are among the things that make a home look cheerful, inviting and homey. This is true considering the capacity of colors to stir up mood and tune the aura of a place. For instance, deep and dark colors can easily evoke a gloomy or boring mood inside a room while bright and warm colors look cheerful and fun. This means that colors can actually stir up our emotions and help set our mood.

This is the psychology of colors which is applied in interior design among other fields. Understanding the basics can lend a great help in choosing the right color theme for a particular room in your house.
Bedrooms for example are best colored with blue as it induces tranquility. While orange paint is good for the dining room since it stirs up appetite. Sounds interesting?

To discuss this topic further, here’s an infographic from Lugbill Designs that summarizes what you need to know about color psychology in interior design. With this you can choose the best color to design your home and likewise add the right contrast and accent to it.

Color Psychology for Interior Design
Infographic Source

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