Famous Cricketers And Their cars

Cricketers And Their carsWhen it comes to luxury cars, these cricket legends sure know how to pick top-class luxury cars. Taking center-stage is Shane Warne’s Buggati Veyron and we’re still debating which of the two is a bigger powerhouse. The Veyron exudes guttural strength even when it’s at complete standstill and it just happens to be one of most finely-crafted machines in the automotive world. Not that any other car is fighting for the spotlight. Between the Porsche Panamera, the mini-fleet of Audis, a very sexy BMW and the Rolls Royce Phantom, there isn’t one car here that doesn’t linger on in all of our dreams. And with complete serendipity, each car is exactly like its owner in terms of personality and speed. That’s why they deserve their own infographic. Can you image cruising along on the highway with a light spring breeze flapping around you in the evening in one of these babies? Happy drooling.

Infographic Source : Gaadi.com

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