Dangerous Occupations: How yours stacks up

As career-oriented as most individuals are, we often times might not stop to think about how much time is spent while we are at work. For the majority, those with full time careers spend an average of 40-45 hours at work each week, excluding overtime and outside activities required by your employer.
With all of this time away from home, we can quickly develop routines and habits while at work because of the amount of time we spend at our office or place of employment. Along with these habits, comes the risk of personal safety and health. It’s important to ensure we are doing our best on a daily basis to develop routines at work that keep us safe from injury.
Most workplaces set standards or routines that employees must follow each day. Depending on the career type or occupation you hold, your routines may vary. For example, those working within the food or drink industry often will have different safety protocols that ensure they are safe while handling or preparing food. Most of these standards will deal with aspects of hygiene, and ensuring the proper sanitation requirements are withheld for those preparing or handling different types of foods. Other safety procedures within other industries include different aspects to ensure employees are safe while on the job. For example, those within the construction field will be required to wear protective gear or clothing that ensures they are protecting themselves from bodily harm. Furthermore, different organizations such as OSHA and the FDA set requirements for employees to follow while at work, that ensures they are remaining safe while on the job. Furthermore, the processes set forth by these organizations ensure that employers are enforcing safe behaviors within their workplace and protecting those employed from injury. Additionally these requirements are enforced to ensure customers the business is dealing with are receiving safe products that will not cause harm or injury during their use.
A recent study was conducted of some of the most dangerous occupations that exist, and their injury and fatality rates. For upcoming college graduates, or those looking to enter the workforce, the information presented is invaluable. If you are choosing a different career option, you should carefully consider the requirements set forth by employers, and the associated risk that accompanies the occupation of your choosing.
As you can see from the study, one of the most dangerous occupations one can enter into is the sales drivers, and truck drivers industry. Within this niche, the highest number of fatalities are experienced on average. Within the state of Florida, 447 individuals experienced a fatal accident while on the job, between the years of 2003 and 2014. Following behind truck drivers, construction workers came in second place, with 277 fatal accidents experienced between the same time frame. Furthermore, the statistics show that males are much more likely to experience an accident while on the job in comparison to female workers.
Are you considering a new career path or option? It’s important to do your research and evaluate all potential scenarios before making the switch.Fatal-fl-jobs

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