Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace

Drug abusers are everywhere you can see them on the streets. Now the time has been changed substance abuse in the workplace is on the rise and the other hand employers worldwide have to suffer from heavy losses and approximated losses are up to billions of dollars a year.
The study has come up with numerous results that illegal use of controlled substances, alcohol, marijuana and plenty of others alike is on the rise at the workplace. Employers are worried about the effects that can change the behavior, increase tardiness, and absenteeism and productivity, errors in assigned tasks and brutal industrialist accidents.
The antagonistic behavior of drug abuse employees is common and it leads them to violence with the coworkers. The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCDA) report says the companies in the U.S lost almost 100 Billion a year. So, business owners are very desperate the lower the cost of drug abuse employees’ medical insurance and other expenses.
However, they are also willing to supervise their employees at the workplace. Let’s get to know about the details of the information in terms of an infographic.
Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace
Infographic Source: https://www.theonespy.com/dangers-drug-abuse-workplace-infographics/

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