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Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace: An In-Depth Look

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

The society has evolved in recent years to be more tolerant of variations in gender, ethnicity, and culture. This is very clear in contemporary businesses, which today welcome a wider variety of people. Employees are now able to work in a secure environment where they may do their best work. There is still work to be done, despite the fact …

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What is Workplace COVID-19 Testing?

The government is the father of the motherland. In summary, it has many sectors; the committee is the one that implements laws, ordinance and finds various options to solve the realm’s dilemma in the economy for the country’s peacefulness. The absence of their maintenance in decree and order will lead their home into destruction. That is why it is significant …

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Workplace Sexual Harassment: Fast Facts and Stats You Need to Know

Every employer is responsible in promoting a workplace where employees feel safe and protected as they try to make a living. However, there are still some situations that are out of management’s control. Such situations can include concerns on sexual harassment. Workplace sexual harassment is any sexual act or behavior in the workplace done against an individual’s will, whether with …

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The Future Of Workplace AR & VR Training


As businesses evolve in the digital age, workplace training must be adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of their employees. It’s up to the employer to future-proof their training procedures and ensure their staff are engaged and empowered at every level. Tech-fuelled training will help businesses save time and money on training tools. AR-based and VR-based workplace training has the …

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Workplace Safety Tips In Manufacturing

Does your working environment do not have a wellbeing and wellbeing program? In case you’re hoping to make one, OSHA offers hints to make you go. Make a well-conveyed, basic announcing framework laborers can use to report wounds, ailments or episodes, for example, close to misses. Laborers need to realize that they won’t be fought back against, so incorporate a …

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Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace

Drug abusers are everywhere you can see them on the streets. Now the time has been changed substance abuse in the workplace is on the rise and the other hand employers worldwide have to suffer from heavy losses and approximated losses are up to billions of dollars a year. The study has come up with numerous results that illegal use …

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Accidents in Workplace and Occupational Disease

As per the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, in 2013 there were in excess of three million revealed non-lethal working environment wounds and infections in the private division alone. A critical lion’s share (94%) of these cases were business related wounds, and 5.1% (an expected 153,000 people) experienced a word related infection. Both words related infections and wounds can cause …

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Put Plants to Workplace

More companies are using plants to benefit their business, with some huge companies transforming their offices to resemble greenhouses. Global giants like Amazon have indoor tree houses, forty-thousand plants and a fifty-five-foot tall tree. Tech giant Microsoft has ‘outdoor districts’ for workers, featuring wood and surrounded by trees. Why are these huge companies going to such an extent to make …

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The Trend of Telecommuting and its Implication in Workplace

In the Philippines, telecommuting is a word that is not usually thrown around in the corporate setting. However, it’s becoming the new norm under different terms like work-from-home or freelancing. Telecommuting is any form of employment wherein an employee works in a setting outside of a typical office and uses technology to complete the assigned tasks and communicate with clients …

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