Recent Data Hacks That Shook the World

It is evident that cyberattacks increase in size and sophistication because of the recent security breaches that continue to shock the world and have been becoming headlines since the recent years.
Now that the world has reached the development of the “Internet of Things”, the number of precious and classified data produced, processed, and stored daily by different enterprises continues to increase — thus increasing the risk of dealing with a cybersecurity breach.
Being a victim of cyber criminals is quite costly because according to a research, the average cost of a data breach is $3.8 million — something that could be avoided if only the right cybersecurity measures were followed.
Although, as the number and importance of data increases, businesses and national governments continue to be oblivious when it comes to data security. The Global Cybersecurity Index that was recently released showed that cybersecurity is still not included in tech strategies of a number of national and industrial technologies. UK businesses have been consistently preyed on by hackers. In the past year, UK businesses lost over £1 Billion to cyberattacks. According to reports, 9 out of 10 UK organisations do not feel confident about their data protection and feel more susceptible to data threats. In the past year, UK businesses lost over £1 Billion to cyberattacks.
In the recent years, businesses and governments have been preyed on by hackers and the world’s biggest data breaches have occurred. Here’s an infographic from Turrem Data that will give you an overview of the recent data hacks that shook the world.

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