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Top 5 Things About R&D Tax Credits Businesses Should Know


The R&D tax credit is often overlooked but doesn’t have to be. By working with a knowledgeable R&D service provider, you can reap the rewards of America’s largest tax incentive. R&D credits can offset income tax liability dollar-for-dollar and are available for companies in any industry – software, biotech/pharma, manufacturing, engineering, food, etc. To qualify, research must seek to solve …

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5 Ideas for Businesses Wanting to Reach More Customers


After you’ve successfully launched your company, you’re able to work on building a solid customer base. Small businesses have many advantages, such as allowing you to develop a loyal following. By now, however, you’ve had plenty of time to work on your product or service and make sure that it’s the best it can be. You’re planning on expanding your …

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8 of the Most Effective Marketing Channels For Businesses


Thanks to the latest technological advancements, brand-to-consumer interactions have evolved tremendously. Unlike a few decades ago when businesses were limited to traditional advertising, companies today can connect with their audience through different means. Now that the world is rapidly shifting to the online sphere, every company must have a digital marketing strategy. With several options to choose from, it’s no …

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3 Tips to Improve Your Businesses Website Design for Online Success

It’s essential to have an effective design for your business’ website. It’s the first thing a customer sees when surfing online. Today, with the advancement of technology, more than fifty percent of consumer’s shop for their daily products through the internet. By designing a website that’s inviting and draws consumers to return to the sites is one that wins. You …

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Businesses are booming because of IoT. Know how!

“Ever imagined that technology will understand situations better than human intellect? If not so, then meet IoT. It is an interconnection of technology responsible for the next industrial revolution. Challenges faced by different industries have bogged them down as no effective solutions were readily available to them. With the flow of time, IoT came into the picture. It contributed immensely …

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How Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Plan Around Taxes

For many business owners, taxes can be a painful experience. The process of preparing and filing taxes can be a stressful, and complicated process for many. The idea of owing money at the end of the year, or the potential of an IRS audit, is not appealing for any business owner. A tax planning strategy can help lessen the blow …

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4 Outsourcing Trends that will Impact Businesses in 2019

When people hear about automation, their first reaction is that robots will become advanced enough to take over their jobs, leaving them unemployed in an extremely competitive job market. That’s why most workers think AI is a threat to their livelihood. But that is a myth. We’re not talking about Terminators here, or a crime-fighting bulletproof RoboCop. In the real …

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Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses

Have you every pushed an update of your software that caused an uproar among your most avid customers? “Well then, we’ll just roll back to the previous version!” But there’s one problem: you didn’t make a proper backup of your software *before* deploying your buggy update. Yikes. That’s what happens when dev teams don’t develop a rollback plan for when …

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Top Benefits of Data Analytics in E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses are thriving with a rapid pace these days. Online selling is becoming popular after every passing day. When selling of goods happening online it’s hard to know the important details of business without having a data analytics system. What benefits can a data analytics solution provide to an e-commerce business? The first think which comes into the picture …

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