Definitive Child Road Safety Guide

It is estimated that each year, there are 2,400 kids injured after being run over by cars. That’s about 50 children per week! This data is alarming, considering children are meant to stay within safety. Oh, well, yes they do stay within safety, it’s the cars that go out-of-bounds.

Kids of all ages are at risk of becoming involves in road traffic accidents. Young boys make up nearly twice as much road traffic fatalities as compared to girls worldwide. This might be because of greater exposure to traffic with boys, as well as a tendency for them to be more risky than girls.

As said by Margaret Chan, World Health Organizations’s Director-General, “the future of a country is its young people. We cannot afford to lose our children to road traffic crashes”. This is why drivers must be responsible enough to keep a safe road network, and leave children out of mishaps.

Check this infographic about road safety prepared by, the first parent’s planning platform for kidsactivities in Dubai and UAE.

Child Road Safety Guide

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