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How To Protect Children From Power Line Hazards

This article includes Nine tips that helps to prevent child electrocution and electric shock injury from utility structures. Also includes how you can teach your kids to stay away from downed power lines Last week, when writing about how many people don’t recognize downed power lines because they can easily be mistaken for utility cables, I discussed the heartbreaking case …

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Spy Vs Hacker

Spy software and hacking virus are not the same thing. Spy software is used for the purpose of monitoring user activities. This software do not use virus like hackers do. Hackers use the strongest virus most of the time when they want to hack the information of an user. Hackers hack all the personal information present on the computer and …

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Definitive Child Road Safety Guide

It is estimated that each year, there are 2,400 kids injured after being run over by cars. That’s about 50 children per week! This data is alarming, considering children are meant to stay within safety. Oh, well, yes they do stay within safety, it’s the cars that go out-of-bounds. Kids of all ages are at risk of becoming involves in …

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