Fly or Float? The Differences Between Air Freight and Sea Freight

Air freight and sea freight are two common shipping options when it comes to getting your products across the country. But if you stick almost exclusively to one more than the other, have you ever seriously wondered if you’ve chosen correctly? At first, the difference may not seem to matter that much, especially next to more pressing concerns like production quotas, item recalls, and customer feedback. Their only substantial differences are their speed and mode of transportation, right?
However, this is one aspect of logistics that you’ll want to give some serious thought. Your chosen freight forwarding solution can spell the difference between saving and overspending precious company resources. Did you know that sea freight and air freight aren’t priced the same way, for example? Or that one of these freight forwarding options is less affected by reschedules than the other? These considerations make it even more important to figure out when to choose air freight over sea freight and vice-versa.
To help you pick the right option for your business, here’s an infographic listing down 6 important differences between air freight and sea freight. Aside from pricing and reliability, you can read comparisons regarding the range, speed, and sustainability of these two freight forwarding solutions.
Differences Between Air Freight and Sea Freight
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