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How to use photos to showcase the differences of PMU and Microblading


Two of the most requested beauty treatments globally with growing popularity each day are Permanent Make-Up (PMU) and Microblading. Many customers who have tried these services can attest to how excellent and confidence-boosting the results are. Strong and well-defined eyebrows have been famous since the 1980s, and they continue to be the most sought-after brow line. Some are confused as …

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Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset: Differences, Outcomes & Limitations

Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset

It has long been a well-known fact that our way of thinking determines our lives. Our mindset defines how we will accept life’s difficulties, fall to our knees from adversity, or adapt successfully. In today’s economy, almost every industry is developing rapidly. Adaptation has become an essential quality for any professional. IT and marketing are prime examples. A programmer and …

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Uncovering the Differences of Resins for Art

This is an infographic uncovering the differences of 4 kinds of resins for art: epoxy resin, UV resin, polyurethane resin, and polyester resin. It mainly compares these resins from 18 factors including cured color, pot time, cure method, cure time, UV resistance, shelf life, etc. We hope it helps you make proper choices for your resin projects. Knowing these differences, …

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Research Paper vs Review: 5 Main Differences

An essay is a common type of college, high school, or university writing. Students of all academic levels are assigned to write this project on a regular basis. In multiple classes, students are asked to submit well-researched and professionally written pieces. In this infographic,  provided the key recommendations on how to produce an essay that rocks. The step-by-step guide includes …

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Differences Between iOS and Android App Development

Mobile app development process and technologies have evolved tremendously. However, the platforms largely remain the same; iOS and Android app development. Both of these mobile platforms differ with each other on a large scale. From technologies, marketing efforts, market space, audience, to the more technical details. Although the market share of Android is much larger than iOS, the revenue generated …

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Fly or Float? The Differences Between Air Freight and Sea Freight

Air freight and sea freight are two common shipping options when it comes to getting your products across the country. But if you stick almost exclusively to one more than the other, have you ever seriously wondered if you’ve chosen correctly? At first, the difference may not seem to matter that much, especially next to more pressing concerns like production …

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East Meets West: The Differences Between Asian And Western Makeup

Makeup is one of the daily essentials for a lot of people. It can’t be denied that the cosmetics or beauty products you use can create a huge impact on one’s confidence and looks. However, it is also noticeable how makeup differs from one region to another. As it is, there are beauty standards that are important for Asians but …

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