Disaster Contingency Plan

Typhoons and other storms are regular visitors for tropical countries surrounded by waters, like the Philippines. For its people, heavy rains, storm surges, and robust winds are a common sight. Sadly, even after tragic scenarios brought by nature have already happened countless times, most Filipinos still fail to exert enough effort to conduct extensive preparations and formulate a disaster contingency plan.
Disaster contingency plan refers to the plan of action to manage an organization, community, or a household whenever a natural calamity occurs. For a nation that’s frequently visited by typhoons, having a disaster contingency plan is a requirement to ensure safety and health of individuals in times of calamities.
Learning how to prepare and deal with typhoons before, during, and after they come is a must for every citizen in the Philippines. To provide useful information, M2.0 Communications brings you a comprehensive infographic to help you in creating a disaster contingency plan.Disaster Contingency Plan

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