Disaster Recovery as a Service

Datacenters are crucially important for the effective performance of many companies’ daily operations. Because of this, downtime due to disaster is a huge fear for IT professionals in the US and abroad.

Though many businesses invest heavily in disaster recovery plans, the solutions called for by these plans can be very expensive. One option to consider in order to cut costs is DRaaS, which is an industry acronym for Disaster Recovery as a Service. DRaaS means that a cloud service provider provides DR in the cloud as part of their cloud offering. Not only does this cut costs with regard to hardware requirements, but it allows for the entire cloud solution to be managed in one place.

In this infographic, Zerto shows:

  • The frequency of downtime for your business
  • How quickly businesses typically recover
  • How often companies test their DR solutions
  • and much more!

dangers of disasters

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