Should you get a divorce before school starts?

Is divorce looking more probable between you and your spouse? On top of all the existing pressure, you may be hesitant due to the timing and questioning how much your decision and your divorce will affect your child’s academics. However, know that you’re not alone. In fact, divorces peak in August, making it one of the most popular months for divorce in the entire year. The beginning of the school year may make sense for your divorce. While it may seem scary, a divorce doesn’t have to impact your children or their schooling. Schultz & Associates, LLC has compiled a checklist to help you assist and protect your children’s best interest. Read the checklist, which highlights and discusses the importance of communication, coordinating school shopping, talking to teachers, preparing together for the school year ahead and keeping a schedule that will benefit your children and keep their extracurricular activities in mind. You can find this information and more via the infographic.
divorce before school starts
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