DIY Jobs a Homeowner Should Avoid Doing

The number of people who try to perform DIY projects around the house has increased dramatically in the past few years with the invention of home improvement television. While it is ok to do minor repairs, there are some things that only a professional needs to do. Trying to do your own plumbing repairs will often result in costly water damage. If a homeowner can get a AC repair quote and quotes on the other services they need, they will be able to reduce the amount of issues they create with a DIY repair. The following is a list of specific plumbing jobs from water line replacement to hot water tank repair in Toronto that you should avoid attempting.

Water Lines

Generally any repairs that involve changing your plumbing infrastructure should be left to a professional. The complexity of the job leaves a lot of room for error, which can result in costly damage. These jobs require extensive knowledge of welding and pipe fitting, which most homeowners do not have. Replacing water lines improperly can lead to leaking, water damage and dangerous mold formation. Saving money is very important to any homeowner, but in this case you should spend the money for a professional plumber.

Bathroom or Kitchen Renovations

Bigger jobs such as shower installation or dishwashers, can be very tricky and usually requires a professional plumber. These installations are far different than replacing a leaky faucet or dripping showerhead. The proper installation of drainage and water supply lines is a major concern when doing these installations yourself and. Improper installation can lead to flooding issue which will cause major water damage throughout your home. The money spent on flooding repairs will be much more than hiring a plumber to do the job right the first time.

Installing Water Heaters

Depending on the type of water heater you are installing, it can be dangerous to do it yourself. A natural gas water heater can cause major problems if installed incorrectly and usually DIY installation will void any warranty given by the manufacturer if they are not installed by a professional. Also, a professional can tell you if the water heater needs to be replaced or just repaired, which can save you a great deal of money.

Be sure when choosing a plumbing professional you ask your friends and family for recommendations. Also ask for any references that the company can offer you to check with previous customers about the companies quality of work. Make sure to get any estimate you receive in writing to ensure you are not the victim of price gouging.

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