Driver Penalty Points: Who is most likely to have them?

The UK’s government of transport has recently released figures on penalty point holders in the country, which the team at Flexed,  have analyzed, as we thought it might make for interesting reading-and it does! We’ve found some interesting trends relating to the age, gender and location of penalty point holders in the United Kingdom. For example, did you know that 71% of penalty point holders are male, whilst only 29% are female? Men are more likely to have the more serious points accumulations as well, with 0.04% of male license holders having more than 12 points whilst the figures for female drivers are only 0.01%. Fortunately, only 0.03% of all UK drivers have more than 12 points, which usually means disqualification! If you want to have a statistically safer driving experience, look no further than Scotland, which features the 3 lowest-scoring zones for disqualified drivers, whilst London and Canterbury Host the smallest number of drivers with points.
Driver Penalty Points
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