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Driver Penalty Points: Who is most likely to have them?

The UK’s government of transport has recently released figures on penalty point holders in the country, which the team at Flexed,  have analyzed, as we thought it might make for interesting reading-and it does! We’ve found some interesting trends relating to the age, gender and location of penalty point holders in the United Kingdom. For example, did you know that …

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Who’s The Most Dangerous Driver? Texting, Drunk, High or Drowsy

It is clear that drunk driving is dangerous and life threatening. But would it surprise you if I told you that driving drunk will increase your chances of being involved in a car crash by up to 380 times? It’s true! Drunk driving is by far the leading cause of accidents. Researchers at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute have also reported …

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Spotting a Suspected Drunk Driver

Driving under the influence or drinking while intoxicated, drunk driving is a crime. Not only that but drinking and driving could be extremely dangerous for all participants in the traffic. In that context, if you are aware how to identify a drunk driver on the road could save human lives. For that reason, the infographic illustrates important tips how to …

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