Dry Eyes – Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Dry eyes can be a serious issue. Dry eyes usually causes when the tear gland does not produce enough tear for an eye. Because of which you cannot resist dust and other foreign material which may hurt your eyes.
Some of the most common dry eyes symptoms are red eyes, sore eyes, itchy eyes, burning sensation, blurred vision. Also it may be possible that your eyes get tired faster, or you have difficulty reading or sitting at the computer for long period.
Human eye is protected with triple layer protection of oil, water and mucus. The water gets evaporated quickly if the oil is missing, and the eye fails to maintain a steady moisture. Apart from this, other significant dry eyes causes in women could be pregnancy or menopause, due to hormonal changes.
So, if anyone experiencing dry eyes symptoms as mentioned above, then it’s better to take necessary eye tests. To prevent dry eyes it is suggested to avoid smoking and blowing air into their eyes, also try to keep your eye moisturized with artificial tears or clinically prescribed drops.
Dry Eyes Symptoms, Causes and Prevention
Infographic Source: https://belsonopticians.co.uk/blog/dry-eyes-symptoms-causes-and-prevention/

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