Edible Flowers: 15 Blooms that You Can Eat

Browsing through the pages of a culinary magazine treats you to a mouthwatering imagery of dishes creatively garnished with edible flowers. For centuries, these flowers have been a staple for adding color and flavor to recipes across many cultures.
But, despite its age, the thought of adding flowers to what you eat may still seem a little bit odd for you; particularly with the fact that you often only see them in vases and during special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Now that you’ve come across the idea, you might as well try it on your own and see how it can enhance the look and flavor of your favorite food.
If you’re curious to know what exactly the flowers you can use for this very purpose, this infographic from Flower Patch, an online flower shop that offers free flower delivery in Metro Manila, identifies some edible flowers, along with a few tips on how to use them.15 Blooms that You Can Eat
Infographic Source: http://www.flowerpatchdelivery.com/blog/edible-flowers-blooms-can-eat/

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