The Effect of DUI to Most People Who Drive?

People tend to go crazy after the long stressful week. Because of that, binging with alcoholic beverages can risk the lives of many people. After drinking, how do you decide to drive you home? Do you drive alone or ask for an Uber to drive you? This infographic, created by the law practice of Erin Field, looks at the true costs of a DUI. Many people may not think much about driving while tipsy, but they don’t realize that getting a DUI can have long-term disastrous impacts on a person’s life. When you drive buzzed, you’re putting your life as well as the lives of others in danger. But even if no one is hurt, you can still get a DUI, which can impact your education, employment opportunities, and reputation for years to come. You can even get jail time for repeat offenses.
This infographic compares the costs of simply calling a rideshare service to take you home vs. dealing with the financial and emotional fallout of getting a DUI. Did you know that a DUI can cost up to 8,000 in Connecticut? And that doesn’t even include the money you lose in employment opportunities, lawyer fees, and other costs associated with getting a DUI.
This infographic helps college students and others understand why it makes so much more sense to simply spend the few extra dollars to call a rideshare service than to drive drunk and risk getting a DUI.
Effect of DUI to Most People Who Drive
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