Amazing Email Personalization Statistics

When marketing automation was first introduced, many marketers have rejoiced knowing that they will be freed from mundane recurring tasks and that they can focus more on strategizing and analyzing the results of their campaigns.
However, email marketers depended so much on automation to a point where spamming became the norm. Thankfully today, most email marketing platforms allow personalization. This change eventually salvaged the reputation of email marketing.
Due to personalization, audiences felt more connected to the brands instead of just merely being recipients of messages. The communication also felt more like a two-way relationship.
While it may be tempting to simply send a generic email to everyone on the list to cut down the work, it’s just more logical to personalize the emails even in just the simplest ways.
If you’re one of the marketers who believe that email personalization is just a waste of time, then you have to check out this infographic from ActiveTrail.
Email Personalization Statistics
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