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Overview of Email Appending

The procedure of updating an existing database with missing email addresses is what email appending stands for. The growing popularity of email marketing among marketers has encouraged others to follow the trend and embrace email marketing campaigns as an effective strategy to connect and reach a wider audience. However, many lacks in quality data, and without the right email contacts, …

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Amazing Email Personalization Statistics

When marketing automation was first introduced, many marketers have rejoiced knowing that they will be freed from mundane recurring tasks and that they can focus more on strategizing and analyzing the results of their campaigns. However, email marketers depended so much on automation to a point where spamming became the norm. Thankfully today, most email marketing platforms allow personalization. This …

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The Ultimate Mobile Email Open Statistics

Email marketing is by far the most effective channel for businesses to communicate with their customers and prospects. Year after year, emails have proven themselves to be irreplaceable in marketing and growth strategies of businesses across B2B and B2C industries. In fact, according to Emarketer.com, email marketing is not just the most effective channel for acquisition but also customer retention. …

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