The Importance of Employee Recognition

The leading lights in the management world are often those that recognize their staff’s efforts on a regular basis and are able to commend employees regular positive contributions to the company. This type of manager is often a first class ‘noticer’, and there are 10 things that they look to appreciate. First, they look for performance breakthroughs and employees that have surprised or made a breakthrough. They also look at customer feedback and which employees have been praised by the people they serve.

Also, top class noticers will look to uncover who are the silent yet effective workers and who does a lot of work behind the scenes that make the entire project possible. Other important aspects noticed include recognizing staff with ambition and drive, as well as the natural leaders within a team who go above their job role to see a project through. Of course, they also notice the first class contributors, those employees who arrive to work wide eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the day ahead.

Employee Recognition

This Infographic by Workstars.

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