Why Organizations Should Attract & Engage Millennial Workforce?

Ever wondered how you can build a competitive & highly engaged workforce,when majority of your employees are millennials? If not, you may find trouble in the near future.
By 2020, millennials will make up to 75% of the total workforce as stated by Deloitte.In the coming years, millennials will become a significant part of workforce in all business sectors. Engaging millennials should be a priority for every business. Employers need to create a work culture where millennials would want to work for longer term.
Millennial workforce expects flexible work hours, continuous performance feedback, regular training opportunities, work-life balance, open communication, latest technology tools, and transparency in people-related processes.
Before organization hire majority of workforce as millennials, make sure you manage company processes in a way such that millennials constantly feel valued and engaged.
This infographic highlights some essential components that can help employers to successfully engage and retain millennial workforce.
Engage Millennial Workforce
Infographic Source: http://empxtrack.com/blog/millennial-workforce-challenge-in-2017/

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