5 Essential Elements of Small Bathrooms

There is not much we can do to improve the bathroom style when floor space is limited. You may face difficulties caused by a small bathroom space. But there are certain ways which can help you ease the difficulties. These bathroom design ideas are not only useful for small bathrooms but it is best suitable for all sizes of the bathroom.
The most common and least expensive way to increase the visual size of the bathroom mirrors. The large size mirrors definitely helps but the placement of the mirror is more important. The best placement of the mirror in the bathroom is on the light source facing of the bathroom. The mirror reflects the light, so when you place them in such a manner that the mirror will reflect the light on darker areas then it gives the illusion of a larger space.
It is difficult to choose between shower and baths. If you have limited floor space then go for a shower or if you have enough amount of space available then put a bath in the corner. Use of heated towel rails also saves the space.
The white colored paint and lights also create an illusion of a space.
Infographic Source: https://alldivisionbuilding.co.uk/affordable-small-bathrooms-ideas/

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