Did you know that a Euro win for England is about as likely to occur as a British earthquake (10%)? There’s also more chance of you rolling a double six (3%) than fifteen of the twenty-three countries winning. To contextualize the odds of the Euro 2016, this infographic compares sporting statistics, with a range of unexpected life probabilities. To clearly present this information, the data has been converted to percentages and scaled to visually demonstrate the relative numerical differences between them.
Whilst it’s easy to pity the Albanian team for its likelihood of winning (0.2%), it’s worth remembering that the odds were stacked 5,000/1 (0.02%) against Leicester City FC taking the Premier League title at the beginning of last season. In fact, at the time, it was more feasible that Simon Cowell would become Prime Minister (500/1), or that Hugh Hefner would proclaim himself a virgin (1,000/1). However small the probability, there is always possibility. Who knows? You might bag a date with a supermodel yet.EURO ODDS
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