Evolution of the Legendary BMW 3 Series

BMW has manufactured hundreds of models in the past 100 years but the list of legends and evergreen models is very short. The stand out model for BMW over the years has been the 3 Series, the king of executive saloons. BMW 3 Series was initially launched as a luxury car but it soon became the class leading saloon and it was then offered in Coupe disguise too.

Since its launch in 1975, it is still flying high and shining very bright on the sales horizon. BMW 3 Series became a household name for the executives to be and with its top performing engines, high quality interior and a German badge, it is certainly the car to be.

German engineering makes the 3 Series a legendary figure among saloons. It has held the crown of the king of executive saloons for decades which can only mean that BMW 3 Series certainly is the ultimate machine.

Evolution of the BMW 3 Series
Infographic Source: https://www.dieselenginerus.co.uk/blog/evolution-legendary-bmw-3-series/

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