Famous Back Seats

Cars often play a very important role in films, from exciting car chases to real moments of tenderness between characters. In some cases, the car itself becomes almost as important as the actors performance or even the story itse;f; for instance, can you really imagine the MI6 agent James Bond without his Aston Martin sports car or Back to the Future’s Marty McFly without the DeLorean time machine that caught everyone’s imagination in the 80s.
These cars have become stars in their own right but have you ever noticed that some of the funniest and poignant moments actually take a back seat? From cult classic Pulp Fiction to the middle of the road classic Driving Miss Daisy, there are a number of well known scenes that have become a major movie icons. In our infographic, we take a look at some of these moments and celebrate these great moments of cinema.
Famous Back Seats
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