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Top 10 Movie Serial Killers Body Count

I wanna play a game…if you remember the movie from which this sentence comes from, then you must remember the character as well. He is a genius, tricky but at the same time terrifying and brutal serial killer – The Jigsaw Killer. His methods always include forcing his victims through deadly scenarios, which he referred to as “games.” Sounds scary …

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Famous Back Seats

Cars often play a very important role in films, from exciting car chases to real moments of tenderness between characters. In some cases, the car itself becomes almost as important as the actors performance or even the story itse;f; for instance, can you really imagine the MI6 agent James Bond without his Aston Martin sports car or Back to the …

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The Hyperinflated Compressed Air Movie Guide

People who are not interested in tools and DIY might say that air compressors are dull. This infographic shows some of the odd, hilarious and completely impossible uses of compressed air in movies. The people at Bobs Best Air Compressors searched high and low for movies that used compressed air in imaginative ways to terrify and amuse movie fans. Asking …

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