Fatal Driving: A Look at Florida’s Most High-Risk Roadways

Florida has some of the largest levels of licensed vehicle drivers in the United States. With its seashores, vibrant nightlife, as well as Disney World, the Sunshine State also emerges as a leading visitor destination. What does that mean for Florida roads? It suggests they’re some of the most unsafe in the USA.
This data-driven infographic from Brooks Law Group presents a collision map of Florida traffic wrecks.
Numerous research studies of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) information have actually uncovered numerous of Florida’s primary roadways and also interstates are some of America’s deadliest.
Remember that every research organization utilizes its own methods to add up and assess fatal traffic crash records. Therefore, results can be different. Probably the most significant takeaway is that reports continually exhibit that Florida is home to highly traveled highways with extremely high numbers of accidents no matter what.
Does Vacationing Create More Crashes in Florida?
Florida has long been considered as a vacation hotspot, and its visitor numbers are reaching record highs. The Florida Department of Transportation revealed an estimated 130 million travelers came to the state last year. While the “”””the more, the merrier”””” rule normally applies, the seasonal addition of tourists does mean that roadways become even more busy and that the likelihood of automobile accidents intensifies sharply.
Visitors don’t necessarily give rise to more vehicle incidents compared to Florida locals. Florida is home to numerous very urbanized regions that are currently overcrowded. But tourists basically don’t grasp Florida routes the way citizens do. They will likely be consulting their GPS units far more frequently, driving much more at a low speed, or making unanticipated or irregular moves in traffic to avoid missing off ramps or intersections.
Florida’s population is likewise predicted to expand by 6.4 million individuals by 2030. That expansion, added together with the state’s growing visitor numbers, will certainly contribute to even more car collisions in the Sunshine State, making the need for prudent driving a lot more critical than ever before.
A major automobile accident can leave anybody physically as well as financially prone — unfit to struggle alone against an insurance provider and also their skilled legal team. Securing advice from a knowledgeable car crash lawyer makes sure you can seek to have the total benefits you need from an insurer as well as makes sure any extra benefits you’re qualified for are recuperated for you.
Florida's Most High-Risk Roadways
Infographic Source: https://www.brookslawgroup.com/most-dangerous-highways/

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