Florists’ Thoughts: Florist Recommendations

In the florist industry, the recommendations of floral professionals vary widely. Still, customers often seek guidance from experts when preparing their gifts for holidays and upcoming events. In general, there are some evident trends among the floral community when it comes to top flowers, color schemes, tools, plants and vegetation, and types of arrangements.
In a recent survey, Floranext asked florists around the world for more information on their preferences and opinions, as well as the common activities they participate in to relieve stress and keep business operations running smoothly. Roses topped the list as the most popular flower to put in bouquets, while vase arrangements are the preferred arranging style over wrapped, dish, basket, or box arrangements. Florists also spend a great deal of time relaxing through pursuing their additional hobbies and getting extra rest. The infographic provided shows some of the data and insights compiled from the survey, as an informational guide to audiences interested in learning more about the field.
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