12 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Hearty Laugh

Valentine’s Day is almost here, in case the red-and-pink decor and the romantic dinner promos haven’t made it obvious enough. Expect prices for roses and chocolates to skyrocket. Countless Brits will be scouring gift shops for flowers, jewelry, and other trinkets that’ll surely burn a hole in their wallets. What’s intriguing, however, is that many of these chums probably bought a similar gift last year. And last last year. And last, last, last year…
You might have been one of those sad souls before, burning your cash on the same rubbish every February. This year, however, you’ve decided to buy more playful gift for a change. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see your loved one laugh, after all, even if they tend to sound like a wheezing pig at times. You’ll also get to give them a unique (if rude) memento they’ll hold on to for a while. Plus, humor makes you irresistible. Science says so.
If you’re looking for funny presents that’ll be a hit with the love of your life, you’ve found the right infographic. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts, ranging from rude and cheeky keychains to hilariously blunt chocolates. Keep this list handy when you go shopping this February!
12 Funny Valentine's Day Gifts for a Hearty Laugh

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