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12 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Hearty Laugh

Valentine’s Day is almost here, in case the red-and-pink decor and the romantic dinner promos haven’t made it obvious enough. Expect prices for roses and chocolates to skyrocket. Countless Brits will be scouring gift shops for flowers, jewelry, and other trinkets that’ll surely burn a hole in their wallets. What’s intriguing, however, is that many of these chums probably bought …

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Romance in the Philippines: 7 Local Flowers Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Although emails and text messages have greatly overtaken handwritten letters these days, fresh flowers remain a timeless Valentine’s Day staple. And, as February is just around the corner, Filipinos everywhere will be busy looking for gifts for their loved ones. Flowers straight out of Ecuador or the Netherlands are certainly lovely and impressive. The Philippines itself is home to a …

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Valentine’s Day Hugot Lines for the Hopeless Romantic

The most romantic day of the year is finally coming and as early as now, you can already feel that love is in the air. A lot of couples will once again cherish this special day with their partner–making it the perfect time for romantic dates and the best excuse to be extra sweet and cheesy to your better half. …

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