How to Take Further Action When You’ve Been Passed Up for an Employee Promotion

Employee promotion is a highly encouraging way for bosses to thank employees for their hard work and dedication. Work is stressful enough, so it is only fitting that bosses award deserving employees with suitable promotions that will further their careers.

Besides showing you value your staff, employee promotions are excellent ways to strengthen employee retention, reduce hiring costs, and drive teams to work harder. However, workplace discrimination can interfere with career growth, undermining the potential of employees who have proven themselves worthy of climbing up the ladder.

When workplace discrimination occurs, it promotes unnecessary stress and affects team performance and productivity levels. It also pulls down employee morale because of the bias that some team members experience. Ultimately, workplace discrimination downplays employees’ contributions to help the company grow and create more business opportunities.

If you are a strong candidate or know someone who got passed up for employee promotion, this infographic will aid you in taking action and managing the situation.


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